Closed Elbow Denim Arm Sling (#317)


  • Envelope style arm sling made of cotton denim material with 1 ½” webbing strap 
  • Contact closure for easy application along with metal D-ring for easy adjustment 
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL 

Indications: Arm slings are indicated for providing elevation, protection, and support to hand, arm and/or shoulder as a result of injury, surgery and post cast.

Application Instructions: Position strap over head, coming off the elbow, and over the unaffected shoulder. Position arm in pouch with elbow placed completely inside the pouch. End of sling should come to the middle of the hand. Put shoulder webbing strap through metal D-ring and attach contact closure.

Sizing: Measure from tip of the elbow to middle of the hand.

Sizes: XS (11” x 6”), S (13” x 6 ½”), M (15” x 7”), L (16 ½” x 7”), XL (18” x 7”)

Suggested HCPCS:  A4565


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