7 1/2" Wrist and Forearm (#705)

  • Constructed of breathable padded lightweight material with a strap and contact closure
  • Contoured metal stays support wrist and forearm in palm and back of hand
  • Available in: XS, S, M, L, and XL
  • Latex free

Indications: Wrist splints are used for fractures, post casting, some arthritic conditions and other indications. These provide temporary immobilization of the wrist, hand, and forearm.

Application Instructions: Position palm and back of the hand against the cock-up and flat stays appropriately. Wrap splints around hand and set with contact closure. Main body strap of support should be placed just below wrist.

Sizing: Measurements are based on palm width at base of thumb.

Specify left or right hand

Sizes: XS (2”-2 ½”), S (2 ½”-3”), M (3”-3 ½”), L (3 ½”-4”), XL (4”-4 ½”)

Suggested HCPCS:  L3908, L3984

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