Universal Knee Splint - #132, #133, #134, #135

    • Prices starting from $35.75 for 12" lengths
    • 3 panel cylinder splint is made of NEW softer, more breathable black padded lightweight material with contact closure and tension straps on side panels
    • Back panel and two adjustable side panels attach with contact closure
    • 4 rigid aluminum metal stays support the knee
    • 2 posterior stays and one lateral stay on each side
    • Foam strips under the loops and a removable pop-pad adds comfort and helps prevent shifting
    • Available in 12”, 16”, 20”, 24” lengths
    • One size
    • Latex free
  • Indications: Immobilization of the knee.

    Application Instructions: Wrap main body panel around leg with the patellar opening positioned along the knee. Position side panels so that they slightly meet or wrap over each other. Side panels should come along the front of the leg evenly. Place straps evenly above and below the knee and interlock straps across the front and through the rings. Adjust contact closure strips on each side panel to make the size adjustments. Upper and lower aspects of the knee splint can be adjusted independently of the other. Pull the straps to a comfortable secure tension and fasten with contact closure.

    Sizes: One size

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