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Surgeries that involve the abdominal section whether it’s a bariatric or an abdominoplasty, abdominal binders can help in the postoperative recovery process. Abdominal binders help provide support to the tender muscles of the mid-section and can help patients become ambulatory faster. 

Doctors advise the use of abdominal binders for various hernia procedures to protect and promote healing of the incision area. Abdominal binders also provide needed stability to the abdominal wall to alleviate post hernia procedure pain with gentle, but firm, compression.

Abdominal binders can also help encourage proper breathing and can add relief to a patient when coughing or moving. As with any surgery, the incision area is not only tender, but needs to be supported as well as kept sterile. Abdominal binders can help provide the support needed to reduce scarring while helping to keep the area clean.

Flex Support has created abdominal binders for over 30 years geared towards plastic surgery and orthopedic uses. Recently, we have been asked by numerous bariatric clinics to use our expertise in abdominal binders and create a specialized abdominal binder for bariatric surgeries. Our new bariatric abdominal binder employs the same technology as our current abdominal binder, but has an increased size range which allows proper compression and support for a wide range of patients. In fact, Flex Support makes some of the largest bariatric abdominal binders on the market reaching up to 90 inches. We also have the ability to custom build abdominal binders to suit a specific doctor, clinic, or patient for an additional cost.