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Arm Lift Compression Garment, Adjustable

Comfort, Adjustability and Great Results

The Flex-Support Arm Lift Compression Garment is excellent for brachioplasty type surgeries (arm lifts and liposuction). Constructed of Premium grade Soft-flex spandex with a soft suede-like inside that provides excellent compression and patient comfort.

The front of the garment has two adjustable contact closure straps for easy application, and leaves the breasts exposed. Its form fitting design can be worn under clothing and it’s Latex free.

What makes our Arm Lift Compression Garment Better Than the Competition?
After surgery it’s very important to wear a quality compression garment to ensure the best results. Our Arm Compression Garment provides even, adjustable pressure to hold your tissues together helping to avoid waves or loose skin for the best possible arm contours.

Our unique adjustable design optimizes recovery and results by allowing you to change the level of compression on the upper arm area as the swelling diminishes over time.