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Peritoneal Dialysis Belt - PD-Belt™


Used by thousands of people to increase lifestyle mobility and help stabilize their exit site while securely storing the catheter tube and transfer unit.

Our PD-Belt™ has been the choice of thousands of PD patients over the past 25 years. The PD Catheter belt is made of custom knitted Latex-free elastic with a soft plush inside for maximum patient comfort. The specially designed Velcro® type tabs safely secure the connector when placed into the protective pocket until the next PD treatment. It is available in 5 convenient sizes in a single or three belt pack and fits both right and left exit sites. Proudly made in the USA by Frank Stubbs, Co., Inc.

  • Designed to allow you to safely perform CAPD and CCPD exchanges
  • Comfortable so that it can be worn at all times to keep your exit site stabilized and transfer connector secure in between exchanges
  • Constructed of a Latex-free custom knitted elastic which is comfortable and hypoallergenic
  • Lessens the chance of peritonitis or chronic exit site irritations
Comfort and Adjustments Throughout the Day

Our PD-Belt is designed to be comfortably worn at all times for all activities, day and night, while exercising, working, resting, sleeping, eating, showering, and especially when you are doing your PD exchanges.

The PD-Belt™ can be easily tighten or loosened for maximum comfort as you bloat or shrink during the day or night either from the dialysis process or from meals.

Small changes in girth are accommodated by the give of the belt’s elastic component. More expansive adjustments can be accommodated by releasing a velcro closure and repositioning to the proper size.

Medicare Reimbursement

Due to the changes in Medicare the PD-Belt is no longer reimbursed.

Determining Size for Ordering

The PD-Belt™ comes in 5 convenient sizes. For sizing, measure around abdomen a few inches above the exit site: X-Small (16”-24”), Small (23”-36”), Medium (30”-44”), Large (36”-48”), X-Large (46”-58”)


The PD-Belt™ is available in a single belt package, or in a package of three belts. We provide Free Shipping to all our PD-Belt™ customers. A three-belt package also allows you to have a clean, dry belt on hand when laundering your used belt. Order now and experience the added comfort, mobility and stability of the PD-Belt™ by Frank Stubbs Company, Inc.

Click here for detailed information on application, use, and cleaning.

If your local clinic or office does not currently carry or offer the PD-BELT™, CLICK HERE to download and print this flyer and take it in to encourage them to carry it.